Welcome to erWin Online

erWin is the Electronic Repair and Workshop Information service for Skoda Import cars from Volkswagen Group lmport (China) Co., Ltd.

erWin shows you at lightning speed everything you need to know about repairing and servicing a Škoda. The information is made available online. Always up-to-date. Always the latest details.

erWin contains information specific to individual vehicles, e.g. technical product information or maintenance tables. You have to log on first for this application.

erWin knows even the smallest difference between models.
That is because erWin obtains all the workshop manuals from Volkswagen Group lmport (China) Co., Ltd. together with many other useful items of information, to help you improve your service.

erWin - the time and cost saver for your company!

The parts catalogue is available on https://www.partslink24.com.cn, which is an external website and access needs to be paid separately.