Repair and servicing information flat rate
erWin supports you in the repair of vehicles with the necessary documentation. You will receive detailed instructions on how a vehicle must be repaired.

erWin also offers you additional flat rates with varying ranges of functions. You have the option to choose these in a product comparison according to your needs.

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Access to this information incurs a fee and has to be booked for fixed periods of time (flat rates). During the running time of your access you can view and, where possible, print all documents and information. Access is always granted through your browser over the internet. Only one computer at a time can access the system during each access.

The flat rate starts directly with the purchase. It cannot be interrupted and will end with the expiry of the purchased running time.

Period of validity

1 day incl. printing rights (¥199.00)
7 days incl. printing rights (¥716.00)
30 days incl. printing rights (¥1,670.00)
365 days incl. printing rights (¥15,463.00)

*) calculated in accordance with Article 12 paragraph 3 of the double tax treaty China-Germany for Services containing the transfer of know how